News and updates from Women's Ministries, International Headquarters.

Founders' Day: Quotes from William and Catherine Booth
02 July 2024
Women's Ministries celebrate Founders' Day with a selection of favourite quotes from William and Catherine Booth
The Wondrous Cross: An Easter message from Commissioner Shelley Hill
30 March 2024
Commissioner Shelley Hill (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) looks to the cross for inspiration this Easter.
'The desire and the power': New Year letter from Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham
08 January 2024
Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham (World President of Women's Ministries) shares an inspiring thought for the New Year.
Christmas Message from Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham
11 December 2023
Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham (World President of Women's Ministries) shares her Christmas message, 'Let there be Peace'.
Farewell from Commissioner Rosalie: "Thank you, Salvation Army women!"
02 August 2023
Commissioner Rosalie reflects on her five years as World President of Women’s Ministries and expresses her gratitude to Salvation Army women everywhere.
2023 Bible study: Others
14 June 2023
Read, download and print our 2023 Bible study collection, written by 24 Salvation Army women from across the world.
Women in Leadership: 'We wrestle to find God's best'
10 May 2023
Commissioner Miriam Gluyas (Australia) shares her experience of leadership within the Church as part of the WM exhibition.
Just Three Days: Three Just Days
03 April 2023
'Just Three Days' is a poem that speaks of the salvation, the justice and the wholeness celebrated at Easter.
Just Three Days: Revathy's Story
03 April 2023
Revathy, a Salvationist living in Singapore, shares her testimony of the transformational power of 'just three days'.
Study: Raise Your Voice! God's design for gender equity
28 March 2023
New resource from the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory, 'Raise your Voice: God's design for gender equity'.
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