Since the Russia–Ukraine war began in February 2022, The Salvation Army has been at the forefront of serving those affected by the conflict, supporting people in Ukraine and also in 28 other countries across Europe where many have been forced to flee.

Having worked in Ukraine since 1993, The Salvation Army plans to continue its efforts during and after the hostilities. We will ensure that people are supported now and in the future.

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In Ukraine

Across Ukraine, The Salvation Army has eight church and community centres.

When the war began, initial support was offered to displaced people and those who could not leave the country through the provision of temporary accommodation, clothes, hygiene items and hot meals. As time has passed, this has been supplemented by meeting longer-term needs such as creative and playful activities for children, Wi-Fi, space for online schooling and meeting practical hygiene requirements.

Ukraine in numbers

These statistics show the officially recorded figures for support given by The Salvation Army in Ukraine in 2023:

Knife and fork

cooked meals


food parcels

Hand sanitiser

hygiene kits


bedding sets


other household items and clothing

Across Europe

Across Europe, The Salvation Army is responding to the needs of displaced people from Ukraine.

Pray for...

  • All the people affected by the war – for those who have been forced to flee, for those who have experienced loss, suffering and trauma, for the vulnerable, for those who are struggling to receive essential supplies.
  • Lasting peace in Ukraine – an end to the conflict. Pray for an end to violence and for the success of diplomatic solutions.
  • Everyone who is giving support to people affected by the conflict. Pray for those on the ground, those offering vital administrative and logistical assistance, for fundraisers and donors. Pray for those who are in Ukraine providing humanitarian aid and for those across the world who are helping displaced people and others who are suffering.
  • The work of The Salvation Army. Pray that we have good relationships with governments and other organisations as we support those in need. Pray for Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers in Ukraine. Pray that we will listen to those with whom we come into contact and have the resources to be able to meet their needs.

Latest news

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