Russia-Ukraine War

The Salvation Army is responding to the urgent needs of displaced people who have been impacted by the Russia-Ukraine war. Emergency response teams across The Salvation Army’s global network continue their tireless efforts, providing critical relief, strategic planning and emotional support through conditions of extreme challenge and distress.

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Here are the latest updates on The Salvation Army's work.

WATCH: Commissioner Johnny Kleman, International Secretary for Europe, speaks to Trans World Radio about The Salvation Army's response

Watch: Commissioner Ivor Telfer on The Salvation Army's work in Ukraine
09 June 2023
Commissioner Ivor Telfer, who leads The Salvation Army’s Ukraine Response Unit, spoke to Dave Piper at TWR-UK
Blessed are the Peacemakers
24 February 2023
It is with considerable sorrow that the International Headquarters of The Salvation Army marks the first anniversary of the Ukraine war
A Prayer for Ukraine
23 February 2023
A prayer for Ukraine on the anniversary of the invasion
Interview: ‘Food has been handed out as Lviv smoulders’
07 June 2022
Captain Matthew Beatty explains how The Salvation Army has been supporting people who have fled Ukraine and those still in the country.
Humanitarian Aid offered by The Salvation Army in response to Russia/Ukraine War
03 May 2022
The Salvation Army has continued to respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding across Europe.
Salvation Army responds to the Russia and Ukraine crisis
02 March 2022
The organisation is responding rapidly to the urgent needs of displaced people impacted by the unfolding Ukraine-Russia conflict.
The General renews call for prayer over conflict between Russia and Ukraine
28 February 2022
The General offered some particular points around which to focus prayer.
General Brian Peddle calls for prayer over unfolding situation between Russia and Ukraine
24 February 2022
The international leader calls for prayer for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict unfolding between Russia and Ukraine.



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