Discover The Salvation Army's Pathway of Hope initiative at this Gallery 101 exhibition, first shown in February 2024.

What is Pathway of Hope?

The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative provides individualised services to families with children in the United States who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation. By helping families to overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing and lack of education, families are guided towards increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.

‘Pathway of Hope is...working with a family...being able to empower them...and if they’re in crisis there’s someone who can walk with them’

The Pathway of Hope programme marks a pivotal shift from treating the symptoms of poverty to preventing the epidemic at its root, profoundly affecting generations to come.

The Poverty Epidemic

Among the world’s 35 wealthiest countries, the United States has the second-highest child poverty rate. Children who live in poverty for half their lives are 32 times more likely to remain in poverty. This epidemic is passed down from one generation to the next, over and over again.

Child poverty costs the US economy $500 billion annually, but the cost to families who are trapped in the cycle of hardship is staggering.

The Pathway of Hope approach


Catalysing community collaboration in service of shared clients.


Moving families from crises and vulnerability to stability and eventually self-sufficiency, while tracking family progress along the way.


Bringing all of The Salvation Army’s internal resources to bear, aligned to the goals of clients.


Focusing on hope as a measured outcome, which represents the distinctly relational, spiritual outcome that The Salvation Army seeks in the work it does.


Strengths-based case management services.

The path to a brighter future

Caring for daily needs while building a strong future can be challenging, but The Salvation Army will walk alongside every family on their journey.

Mapping it out
Families meet with a caseworker to develop a personalised action plan.

Staying on track
Progress is charted and discussed with a dedicated caseworker on a regular basis.

Passing the six-month mile marker
With a caseworker, families decide what is next on their journey.

Looking ahead
Successes are celebrated and further goals are adjusted.

Overcoming Generational Poverty

Find out more about Pathway of Hope and hear from some of the families who have worked to overcome generational poverty at