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The Salvation Army international women's ministries, inaugurated in 1907, provide a wide variety of activities based on the fourfold aims: worship, education, fellowship and service... Find out more

Real Talk

Women in Leadership: Beyond COVID-19
22 April 2021
Major Deborah Robinson (AUS) explores lessons she has learned through her experience of leading through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Real Talk: Never far from my heart
13 March 2021
Commissioner Rosalie reflects on what it takes to keep a family together during difficult times, sharing something of her experience over this past year.
International Women's Day Message
07 March 2021
World President of Women's Ministries, Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, addresses women and girls around The Salvation Army world on International Women's Day.
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Women's Ministries: Reimagined

Want to know more about our reimagining of ministry to and for women? Watch our launch event, as broadcast live from International Headquarters in February 2020.