Spiritual Life Development

Spiritual life development is a commitment to making Jesus the priority of our lives, an intentional effort to work with the Spirit to make us more like Jesus.

The way we spend our days, the things we give our time, energy and attention to, shape who we are becoming. As followers of Jesus, there are some spiritual practices we can build into the rhythm of our life that bring us closer and keep us connected to him. Practices that allow his Spirit to transform us into people of love. These practices don't earn us salvation or make God love us more. They are a way of knowing who God is and aligning our lives towards him.  

On this site, you will find resources and tools to help you develop those rhythms and keep making yourself available to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. 

Open Doors Open Hearts

Exploring biblical hospitality together, 4 – 11 August 2024.

With open doors and open hearts, we can welcome others into a space where they are seen, loved and valued. Into a space where they can meet with Jesus and discover the fullness of life as God intended.

In this eight-day series, take a closer look at examples and stories of hospitality found in the Bible and reflect on how you can practice hospitality well with your own life. Find out more and download the 'Open Doors Open Hearts' reading plan.

Open Doors Open HeartsOpen Doors Open Hearts

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