03 April 2023

An Easter poem

In just three days, dark became light.
Just three days, and death bowed to Life.
Three days; ripe for transformation,
Rich in grace,
Running over with justice.
In just three days – three just days –
A world comfortable in its own mess
And muck and mire
Was welcomed by an unwelcome King
Who beckoned weary bodies be made ready for healing.

He said, ‘Your sin is no more
Sister, brother, all and each,
I have made you new!
The way you are used to life,
The way you have been used by life
Will be no more
Now that I am the Way.
Come, keep with me and my Father.
Pursue light, new life, true love
All that is right.
It’s all right.
Come. Be held.’
Behold the arms, open, hopeful,
Are you ready for your healing?

Healing from hatred
And binding hearts from brokenness
Back to wholeness is commonplace around here.
In this new life – borne out of just three days,
The Father’s gift of three just days –
The way things were in the time of suffering,
The sin, the injustice, the grief
Bleeds out until dry.
Death dies unto life.
In this new life, spirits once hollow will be hallowed by the Spirit!
Righteousness reigns with truth and justice over everything!
Everything just, as it should be,
And it was and it is and it is yet coming,
Beckoning, seeping,
Pouring out of the Son’s triumph
In just three days.
Three just days.


'Just Three Days', written by Lauren Westwood (Communications Specialist, Women's Ministries), explores the salvation and the wholeness that is ours because of the events of Easter.

International Women's Ministries is committed to seeing women engaged in social justice and action to positively impact the world. We celebrate when we see people overcoming injustice and healing from hatred, but we long for a world where all experience and benefit from fullness of life with Jesus. This commitment to justice is reflected in our Battle Cry.

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