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by Ian Campbell, Alison Rader Campbell and Robin Rader


Walking with Communities is an experiential memoir of a 30-year health and healing pilgrimage and is essential reading for anyone with a heart for real encounter with people and the healing presence of God in their neighbourhood community story.

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Twenty Talks

by General Shaw Clifton

This short collection of uncomplicated talks seeks to be helpful as a possible thought or theme prompter for preachers, but also for small group discussion or to aid private reflection and prayer.

The first four books are available as e-books, with printed copies available shortly from Salvation Army trade shops.

Unmaking Enemies - Twenty Talks on Paul's Epistle to the Romans

Is God Smiling? - Twenty Talks on the Psalms

The Brilliant Fool – Twenty Talks on the Gospels

Belt of Linen - Twenty Talks on the Old Testament

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Words of Life coverWords of Life

by Major Beverly Ivany

Words of Life is a daily Bible reading devotional series published by The Salvation Army, released three times a year.

The latest edition of Words of Life (May to August 2021) looks at the theme ‘Peace in our World’.

We see how peace was longed for in the Old Testament writings of Jeremiah and Lamentations, as well as through the prophets Hosea, Obadiah and Zechariah. In the New Testament peace is essential and is emphasised by Paul in his letters to the Ephesians and the Thessalonians. Also, peace is critical in the Letter to the Hebrews.

Our guest writer, Lieut-Colonel Kenneth Hawkins, contributes a series for Pentecost. Most weekends we spend looking at a psalm or proverb, as well as a Christian song.

May God grant us peace throughout all nations – in our time and evermore.

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Year Book coverThe Salvation Army Year Book 2021

The Salvation Army Year Book is published annually with reports, photos, facts and figures relating to programmes run worldwide.

It contains:

  • global reports and photos from the 131 countries in which the Army works
  • up-to-date facts and figures on the Army's international mission
  • full-colour photographs
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Head, Hands and Feet cover‘Head, Hands and Feet’

by Robert Street

When Peter spontaneously asked Jesus to wash his head and hands as well as his feet, he could hardly have imagined what his head, hands and feet would do in the next few hours. Even less would he have realised what a contrast the head, hands and feet of Jesus would make with his own actions.

This study looks at events of the night before Jesus died and compares the actions of the disciples with the calm, controlled and caring way in which Jesus did what needed to be done.

It can also be used for group study, with those participating sharing their thoughts. The subjects have been chosen to stimulate thought about the depth of love found in Jesus Christ and how he deals with our inadequacies.

By contrasting the actions of Peter and the disciples with those of Jesus, we can see more clearly how Jesus refused to be distracted from doing his Father's will and how we can learn from his total commitment to us and our salvation.

There is also a post-Resurrection study to follow through Peter's spiritual renewal and reconciliation with Jesus.



Words of Life coverWilliam Booth - The Man and His Mission: The Life and Legacy of William Booth Part 1 (1829-1878)

William Booth - The General and His Army: The Life and Legacy of William Booth Part 2 (1878-2015)

by Gordon Taylor

William Booth was a tireless evangelist, a world traveller and a social reformer – a legend in his own lifetime!

Through meticulous research, author Gordon Taylor discovers the ‘man behind the myths’ and presents a fascinating narrative built around letters, diaries, newspaper reports, public addresses and personal writings.

Volume 1

Volume 2


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