Emergency convoyEmergencies and disasters come in many shapes and sizes. Some, like the global COVID-19 pandemic, the earthquakes in Haiti 2010, Japan 2011 in Nepal in 2015 or Cyclone Haiyan in the Philippines take centre stage in world media attention. Other emergencies touch the lives of thousands yet appear to go unnoticed. However, one thread runs though many of these events – the response of Salvation Army Emergency Services.

Current responses:

This map shows some of our emergency responses around the world, the most recent marked in yellow. Click and drag the map as required and click on the pins for details of each incident; use the tools in the top right hand corner of the map to zoom in/out.

Alternatively, use our text-only view.


You can contact the International Emergency Services desk at International Headquarters by emailing ihq-emergency@salvationarmy.org