Programme Resources Department

The Programme Resources Department participates with others to envision, coordinate, facilitate and raise awareness of programmes that advance the global mission of The Salvation Army.

It offers a focal point of support and advice to effectively link programme resources around the world, and the opportunity for face to face interaction on various facets of The Salvation Army’s integrated mission. It also offers a framework for mission-focused strategic planning.

Sections and desks within the Programme Resources Department include:

These embrace projects, programmes and capacity building for evangelism, community development, disaster relief, youth, social, health, HIV/Aids, international media and public relations, the written word, and assistance towards territorial self sufficiency.

The department functions as an international resource network, making connections for learning and facilitating cross-fertilization of ideas, information and programme material.

You can contact the Programme Resources Department at

Zonal Departments

The zonal departments are the main administrative link with territories. The international secretaries give oversight to and coordinate the Army's work in their respective geographical areas.

Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for all matters with which the Chief of the Staff deals. This includes responsibility for the effective administration of IHQ; for IHQ personnel, including the keeping of records relating to international human resources; for the maintaining and encouraging of international external relations; for providing legal advice and for ensuring that the strategic planning and monitoring process is implemented and used effectively.

The department also works in the interests of international personnel in support of the work of the Chief of the Staff and the zonal international secretaries. These responsibilities include facilitating the personal and vocational development of all personnel, together with ensuring their pastoral care and physical well-being.

In addition, the department facilitates the sharing and appropriate deployment of personnel resources on a global basis; assists in the identification of officers with potential for future leadership; monitors training and development and registers and coordinates all offers for international service.

Business Administration Department

The Business Administration Department is responsible for international accounting, auditing, banking, property and related matters. The International Secretary for Business Administration has the oversight of the finance functions in territories and commands.