The zonal departments at International Headquarters are the main administrative link with territories. The international secretaries give oversight to and coordinate the Army's work in their respective geographical regions.

The International Secretary for the Europe Zone is Commissioner Johnny Kleman and the Secretary for Women's Ministries is Commissioner Eva Kleman.

Find out more about The Salvation Army's work in Europe at the recent exhibition, Spotlight on Europe Zone.

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European Union Affairs Office

EU Affairs OfficeThe EU Affairs Office monitors EU policy developments that are relevant for the Europe zone and the issues that particularly affect our social work. Key issues that we monitor include human trafficking, Roma inclusion, refugees and migration, homelessness as well as women and children’s issues. All of these issues have their roots in wider questions of poverty and social injustice and are often interrelated and complex, however we hope to bring to the debate a holistic and integrated approach, based on our expertise gained from over 150 years of serving the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Territories in the Zone

News from around Europe

Celebrating the official launch of The Salvation Army's Bulgaria Region
15 November 2023
Watch the celebratory meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria, to mark the official launch of The Salvation Army's Bulgaria Region
Service in the Eastern Europe Territory
14 November 2023
Lieutenant-Colonels Ann and Richard Borrett talk to The Officer about their ministry in the Eastern Europe Territory
Bulgaria Region Official Launch
03 November 2023
Saturday 21 October dawned bright and warm in Sofia, reflecting the joyful mood at the official launch of The Salvation Army’s Bulgaria Region
Salvation Army representation at Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation
04 October 2023
Commissioner Vibeke Krommenhoek attended the 13th assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Krakow, Poland
Orders of the Founder Recognised During International Leaders' Visit
10 July 2023
The visit of the international leaders to the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia Territory was a time of blessing and encouragement