The General's Call to Mission

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What's on your heart? | Spiritual Life Development
21 October 2021
Commissioner Rosalie Peddle interviews Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham, World Secretary for Spiritual Life Development.
A Prayer for the Post-Pandemic Church
21 October 2021
A prayer, written for the Second Global Wave of Prayer for COVID-19, seeking God's heart for the post-pandemic Church.
What's on your heart? | Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response
30 September 2021
Commissioner Rosalie Peddle interviews two members of the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response team.
Your Calling is Calling: Serving in a foreign land
10 August 2021
Lieut-Colonel Philippine Tsilulu (CON) shares her experience of calling within the context of serving overseas in Mali.
Your Calling is Calling: Following God's plan
21 June 2021
Commissioner Martha Pawar reflects on saying 'yes' to God's call to Salvation Army officership.
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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Ruth's loving leadership
24 March 2021
Emilie Trotter (UK) looks closely at the book of Ruth, exploring the power of God-inspired, hope-giving, loving leadership.