'The waters are rising, but so am I... I am not going under, but over!' - Catherine Booth

The Salvation Army believes that both male and female are made in the image of God and are equal in value and therefore is opposed to sexism. We reject any view that subordinates women to men, or men to women.

However, the value of women and girls is continually undermined. Each story in this digital exhibition shares something of the greater story of womanhood, resilience and overcoming difficulty with faith and determination. The exhibition, created for International Women's Day 2023, tells the story of women within the Salvation Army who have risen and overcome against all odds. As long as there is need, we will continue to raise our Battle Cry: the waters are rising, but so are we. We are not going under, but over!

Hover or click on the portraits to read inspiring stories from women around the world.