Army On Its Knees
Janet Munn and Stephen Court

This book is not intended to be just another pleasant read. It calls for our response. To equip you to win the world for Jesus, this book describes the fundamentals of prayer – from private prayer to missional prayer.

136pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-842-6


The Salvation Army Year Book 2012

This book is filled with historical information, statistics, reports, lists and areas of service. But it is much more than dry facts. It is a story about people, the places where they serve and the work they do in the name of Jesus. It is not just informational, it is also inspirational; for beyond its pages is the hand of God. – General Linda Bond

369pp (paperback), 16pp colour photos, numerous black and white photos/maps
ISBN 978-0-85412-840-2


Love – Right at the Heart
Robert Street

Written in harmony with General Linda Bond’s call – One Army, One Mission, One Message – this book examines how Salvationists have a responsibility to one another, whilst taking their caring ministry to the world.

ISBN 978-0-85412-841-9


Saying Yes To Life
John Larsson

In the pages of this autobiography, The Salvation Army’s 17th General, John Larsson, tells the story of his musicals, other writings, his family, and love of nature. He also recounts some events of Army history that he has lived through and shares some of the deep convictions which have become the passions of his life.

264pp (hardback), 56 photos
ISBN 978-0-85412-760-3


Saints Alive
John Coutts

This book tells the story of the Christian Church in outline, introducing major historical figures and explaining important theological ideas. John Coutts text provides a fascinating overview, whilst opening the door to more detailed study.

120pp (paperback), 26 photos/illustrations
ISBN 978-0-85412-765-8


Unsung Heroes
Derek Elvin

The Salvation Army has made a habit of discovering, recruiting and developing remarkable people and this collection of stories, published as a sequel to the 2004 book Heroes of the Faith, provides a glimpse of the passion and commitment that marked the lives of the 12 personalities featured. 

148pp (paperback), 12 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-85412-764-1


An Army Needs An Ambulance Corps
Harry Williams

An army’s ambulance corps serves exclusively its own troops, but The Salvation Army’s medical services exist primarily for the sake of those outside its ranks. In this volume – which is so much more than a history – Commissioner Harry Williams, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons – epitomises the movement’s philosophy of service to others.

264pp (hardback), 96 photos, 4 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-85412-795-5


The Salvation Army In The Body Of Christ

            Study Guide English £2.99

            Study Guide French £

            Study Guide Spanish £


From A Middle Aged Dad To A Teenage Daughter
Grant Sandercock-Brown

A collection of letters written by a father to his daughter aimed at explaining some weighty aspects of Christian belief in an engaging and sometimes humorous way. Great reading for teenagers and adults alike.

60pp (paperback), 14 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-85412-767-2


Dear Paul
Wesley Harris

Conceived after a vivid dream in which he was writing a letter to the Apostle Paul, this book contains the 79 letters that Commissioner Wesley Harris penned in response to that experience. They cover a variety of topics that, alongside appropriate Scripture references, can be used for Bible study or daily devotional readings.

168pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-787-0


From Generation To Generation
Robert and Janet Street

£4.99 (book)
ISBN 978-0-85412-


Called To Be God’s People
Robert Street

The work of the International Spiritual Life Commission has brought much benefit to Salvationists, not least through the writings of Commissioner Robert Street. This 2008 book is a revised edition of his 1999 volume of the same name, and brings greater clarity to the issues in light of experience since the original publication.

156pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-786-3


Servants Together

This book provides a Salvationist perspective on the ministry of the whole people of God. It deals with key subjects such as God’s call, worship and Christian community.

ISBN 978-0-85412-785-6


They Gave Their Lives
Alan Bateman

This book tells the stories of 12 Salvationists who died for their faith. Retired General Shaw Clifton comments: ‘Lieut-Colonel Bateman gives a clam series of narratives, avoiding sensationalism or overstatement… here is poignancy, tragedy – sufficient to move even the hardest heart.’

96pp (paperback), 11 photos
ISBN 978-0-85412-789-4


Born Again In The Spirit
Kapela Ntoya

This book is designed for people who are seeking salvation for the first time or who are newly converted to Christianity. It provides answers to questions about how people can become real Christians or how their new-found faith can be relevant today.

88pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-792-4


The Rapture
Phil Layton

Exploring the scriptural evidence for the Rapture – the belief that living Christians will be taken to be with Jesus at a time of God’s choosing – Captain Phil Layton shares his personal convictions about the nature, ordering and imminence of this miraculous event.

192pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-796-2


Essential Measures
William Booth

This intriguing booklet reproduces a letter written on Christmas Day 1911 by the Founder, William Booth, to Brigadier and Mrs James Melling, the brigadier being a territorial commander in India. In his letter, Booth outlines the measures a leader should adopt ‘in order to make our work the triumph we all desire’. Including a facsimile of three pages of the original letter in the Founder’s handwriting, this is a fascinating read.

32pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-773-3


1929 – A Crisis That Shaped The Salvation Army’s Future
John Larsson

‘1929 – for that is how it was known – was only talked of in hushed tones in Army circles’, writes the author Retired General John Larsson. Including much previously unpublished information, this book describes the fascinating events surrounding the constitutional crisis that eventually swept General Bramwell Booth from office in the year of the title.

384pp (paperback), 25 photos/illustrations
ISBN 978-0-85412-794-8


What A Hope!
Gilbert Ellis

In a series of short, manageable chapters, Lieut-Colonel Gilbert Ellis explores different facets of hope. Using illustrations from life in a down-to-earth manner, the author brings new insights via his novel approach to familiar stories and sayings.

104pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-817-4


The Salvation Army Handbook Of Doctrine (English)


No Heart More Tender
Harry Read

Based on his experiences of bereavement following the death of his wife, Commissioner Read has penned this collection of poems and reflections that combine tenderness and sensitivity with realism and practicality.

120pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-828-0


Selected Writings Volume 1 1974-1999
Shaw Clifton

The first volume of General Shaw Clifton’s writings is a personal selection of his articles published in The Officer magazine or circulated among senior Salvation Army leadership during a 25-year period.

196pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-831-0


Selected Writings Volume 2 2000-2010
Shaw Clifton

Following on from the first volume of General Clifton’s writings, Volume 2 ranges more widely and includes matters including international Army policy, giving insight into the heart and mind of the author.

204pp (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-85412-832-7