Inside a High CouncilHow Salvation Army Generals are elected.

Retired General John Larsson

The international leader of The Salvation Army is elected by a High Council comprised of more than 100 of the Army's most senior leaders from around the world.

In this book, General John Larsson (Rtd) invites readers to step inside a typical High Council in session at the Army's conference centre in Sunbury-on-Thames to observe what happens. His role is that of a tour guide, explaining and giving the background to the various stages of an event that lasts a week or more.

Drawing on the recollections of previous Generals and little-known historical data, the author weaves the material into a fascinating factual and human-interest account of what takes place when a High Council meets.

The book is a sequel to the author's 1929 - A crisis that shaped The Salvation Army's future, which deals with the dramatic events of the first ever High Council held in that year.

Published November 2013.


ISBN 978-0-85412-884-6

Available from your local Salvation Army trade department, local bookshops and on Amazon.


ISBN 978-0-85412-885-3