Day by DayPractical application and inner strength for your discipleship

Robert Street

What does following Jesus now look like? Is it different? Is it essentially the same as always? Or both?

Day by Day invites us to look at these things personally and together, focusing on the Call to Mission, ensuring that Jesus and his teaching are always at the heart of our endeavours.

General Brian Peddle (Rtd) says: ‘I invite you to hear God's call through the pages of this book. Read it through the Word – the Bible – hear his voice and be urged through Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:1 to "live a life worthy of the calling you have received". I do this believing that the greatest fulfilment of his call is found in each of us becoming – day by day – the person God intends us to be.’

Published 2020. 


ISBN 978-1-912981-26-7

Available from your local Salvation Army trade department.


ISBN 978-1-912981-27-4

Interview with author Robert Street

We spoke with Commissioner Robert Street, author of Day by Day, to get his thoughts on living as a Christian, the process of writing the book, and his hopes and prayers for those reading.