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Vancouver, Canada, is the location for The Salvation Army's International Conference of Leaders (ICL) 2022. The purpose of the ICL is for the leaders of the international Salvation Army to meet together to prayerfully and strategically consider issues of importance to our movement.

Latest news and updates

Limitless God: The best is yet to come
26 September 2022
General Brian Peddle welcomed the international leadership of the Salvation Army to an historic conference of leaders in Canada.
Limitless God: The International Conference of Leaders 2022
24 September 2022
Leaders of The Salvation Army’s 58 territories and commands are preparing to gather in Canada, for the International Conference of Leaders.


International Leaders

Event: Welcome to the International Conference of Leaders 2022

On Sunday 25 September 2022, a live streamed welcome meeting for the ICL took place at The Salvation Army's Cariboo Hill Temple Corps.