February 2023

Turkey and Syria: On 6 February a devastating earthquake struck southern Turkey followed by a second major earthquake and by several destructive aftershocks. The Salvation Army has partnered with ZOA International and Convoy of Hope to support people affected in both Turkey and Syria. Read more

October 2022

Kenya: East Africa is facing extreme drought and a food security crisis. The Salvation Army in Kenya is providing food parcels and has put in place a ‘Food for Fees’ initiative for schools. Read more

September 2022

USA: Heavy rain and flooding caused damage to the main water treatment facility in Jackson, Mississippi, leaving more than 180,000 residents without clean drinking water. The Salvation Army distributed water and supplies to those unable to get to city distribution points. Read more

February 2022

Russia-Ukraine war responses

July 2021

Czech Republic: The Salvation Army has been responding after a tornado hit parts of eastern Czechia.


Worldwide: COVID-19 responses

Malawi: Heavy rains caused flooding in Nsanje district. The Salvation Army is planning to provide relief items including maize, beans and vegetable oil to 800 affected families in Chikwawa and Karonga.

Brazil: Heavy rains caused flooding and mudslides in Belo Horizonte, a major city in Brazil. The Salvation Army has people on the ground providing relief to the affected population. 

Pakistan: Emergency measures were imposed in seven districts of Baluchistan on Sunday after a spell of heavy rain and snowfall across the province which left at least 30 people dead, including women and children who were killed in separate incidents after the roofs of their houses caved in. The Salvation Army colleagues in Pakistan visited the affected communities and found that people were in need of  support in order to keep themselves warm. 450 of the most vulnerable families in the Quetta/Pishin and Qilla Abdullah districts therefore received blankets and gas cylinders.

December 2019

Philippines: Typhoon Ursula (Phanfone) made landfall in Oriental Mindoro on December 25, leaving a trail of destruction in areas in its path.Food parcels are provided to 1,326 affected families in Oriental and Occidental Mindoro.   

Chile: On Christmas Day 2019 a fire started in two of the hills that form Valparaiso city. 250 houses were consumed by the fire and families lost everything. The Salvation Army is providing lunch to 50 rescue workers as well as food and non-food items to 100 vulnerable families.

Liberia: On December 16, 2019, a fire which started in Gbangay Town spread across Sinkor leading to the displacement of 30 families. The Salvation Army is supporting them with food items as well as emotional care.

Philippines: On December 3rd Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) hit the region of Mimaropa, Philippines. Rice, corned beef, biscuits, milk, coffee, sugar, sardines and sleeping mats are distributed to 1,045 of the most vulnerable families in 5 locations.

India: Cyclone Bulbul hit the West Bengal area of India, affecting many families. The Salvation Army is responding and providing food and bedding items to 550 families.  

Zimbabwe: The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe is responding to floods in Tshelanyemba Lubhangwe by providing food packs, water containers and house repair materials.

November 2019

Philippines: On October 29, 2019, an earthquake hit Mindanao Island. The Center of the earthquake with 6.7 magnitude was in the province of Davao Del Sur and Cotabato. Many infrastructure, government hospitals and schools were damaged and many people are displaced. The Salvation Army is providing food packets to 14000 families in 4 different villages.

Congo Brazzaville: Tropical rains flooded several villages in the Likouala, Cuvette and Plateaux regions in the north of  the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), resulting in the displacement of more than 50,000 people. Food items, clothes, mosquito nets, mattresses and water containers have been provided to almost 100 families.

Zambia: Drought and resulting food insecurity and malnutrition is affecting many areas of Zambia including Gwembe Valley, Monze and Sinazongwe Districts. The Salvation Army is providing urgently needed relief food to almost 1500 families.

October 2019

Malawi: The Salvation Army is supporting the transition and enhancing local capabilities to ensure sustainable hunger solutions for Cyclone Idai affected communities.

Pakistan: After the earthquake in Kashmir, the Salvation Army provided urgently needed food items first. In order to prepare for the upcoming winter more than 250 families now also received a tent.

Liberia: The Salvation Army supports a school in Paynesville destroyed by fire with building materials as well as relief food for the affected families.

Indonesia: On 26 September 2019, a strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Seram Island in Maluku, Indonesia, near the provincial capital of Ambon. More than 6,000 structures were damaged or destroyed. A total of 41 people were killed by the quake and another 1,578 people were injured. The Salvation Army immediately dispatched a mobile medical clinic and distributed food, blankets and tarpaulins to affected people.

Nigeria: Flooding in parts of Nigeria has caused huge damages and displacement. The Salvation Army is providing relief assistance to 250 families in Ogbaru. They all receive food and clothing items. 

Kenya: Due to a land dispute in Kabotobongen, Kapsabet 400 families (2000 people) lost their homes. THey were supported with food, blankets and hygiene articles by The Salvation Army. 

September 2019

Angola: Severe drought in Southern Angola is causing death of livestock and impacts people's health and well-being. 6,500 families are receiving relief food items.

Pakistan: An earthquake on the 24th of September in Kashmir, Pakistan left dozens of people dead and injured. The Salvation Army is providing urgently needed food and non-food items to 700 families.

Bahamas: When Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on 1 October the Salvation Army responded immediately. Thousands of affected families received food boxes, hygiene articles, clothing, cleaning material, drinking water etc. More

Kuwait: The Salvation Army in Kuwait is supporting several trafficked African men stranded in Kuwait with food and hygiene articles.

Zimbabwe: The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe is responding to a severe drought situation in the country by providing food parcels to 2000 affected families.

August 2019

Sierra Leone: Heavy rains cause havoc in Freetown, Sierra Leone and the Salvation Army is distributing food, clothing, blankets, toiletries and is providing emotonal and spiritual care for the affected families.

India: Many parts of India (including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Jalandhar, Patiala, Bihar and Uttrakhand) as well as Pakistan are affected by severe floods. The Salvation Army across the country is providing food, bedding and other items to almost 3000 families. More

Rwanda: The Salvation Army in Rwanda is working closely with the Ministry of Health as well as other key stakeholders to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of Ebola in the border areas near Goma, DRC.

Peru: The Salvation Army in Tacna, Peru provides support to Venezuelan migrants who are stranded at the border to Chile.

Philippines: 203 families affected by fires in Lapu Lapu receive immediate food items as well as drinking water.

June 2019

Nigeria: The Salvation Army in Nigeria is supporting farmers affected by migrant herdsmen conflict in Benue State.

May 2019

Ghana: Food items are distributed to families affected by a flood in Accra.

India: Cyclone Fani hit the state of Odisha and the Salvation Army is providing rice, flour, dhal, cooking oil, mosquito nets, bedding and sleeping mats to affected families.

Philippines: A series of earthquakes hit the areas of Central Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Zambales, Porac Pompanga and Floridablanca. The local Salvation Army is distributing relief food parcels to families in several of the affected areas.

April 2019

Zambia: Southern Zambia is affected by drought. 1,900 of the most vulnerable families receive relief food items.

Angola: On Easter Sunday a tropical storm hit the city of Kuimba and families lost all their belongings. The Salvation Army is providing kitchen sets and roofing sheets to 80 families.

Liberia: A heavy storm in Whedeh Town Liberia caused havoc in Liberia. The local Salvation Army is providing food and building materials to affected families. 

Kenya: The semi desert area of Turkana is affected by ongoing drought. 1500 families receive urgently needed drinking water and relief food items including maize, beans, rice, cooking oil and sugar.

Pakistan: The ongoing conflict in the North-East of Nigeria has resulted in displacement and food insecurity. About 1.8 million people are feared to be displaced with over 45,000 people experiencing severe famine-like conditions. The Salvation Army is currently planning the distribution of urgently needed food items for 500 affected families.

January 2019

Republic of Congo: The Salvation Army in the Republic of Congo is working closely with UNHCR and other stakeholders to provide support to people fleeing the recent outbreaks of violence in the neighbouring DRC. They are currently distributing food and NFIs to pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly people, child headed households and people with disabilities. More

Indonesia:  After the initial relief activities in many affected communities The Salvation Army in Indonesia is now focusing on recovery of schools, clinics houses, toilets, livelihoods and other assets. More 

Argentina: Heavy rains caused flooding in Charata and surrounding areas. The Salvation Army is working closely with the Municipality and the fire department distributing sandbags but also providing non-perishable food items, hygiene articles, clothes and blankets to affected families.

December 2018

Mexico: The Salvation Army in Mexico is providing food, hygiene items and information support to migrants stranded in Tijuana. More

November 2018

Uganda:  The Salvation Army is providing support to 70 families affected by deadly landslides at Mount Elgon, Uganda. Each family will receive 100 kg rice, 75 kg beans, cooking oil, kitchen sets, a jerry can, wash basin and soap.

Papua New Guinea: The Salvation Army together with other churches is involved in various recovery  activities in areas affected by the recent earthquake.

India: 250 families affected by floods near Mukerian receive food and bedding items by the Salvation Army.

October 2018

Indonesia:  On 28 September, a series of strong earthquakes struck central Sulawesi province. The earthquake triggered a tsunami. The earthquakes, tsunami and resulting liquefaction and landslides have caused significant damage and loss of life in affected areas.  The Salvation Army has a strong presence in Sulawesi and is providing medical, food, shelter and education assistance in many of the affected locations.

Haiti:  On 6th October an earthquake hit northern Haiti. The Salvation Army is on the ground providing food relief to 250 families. 

India:  Heavy floods in northern India affected many families. The Salvation Army is distributing blankets, tarpaulins and mosquito nets to 200 families.

Nigeria:  In response to the outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe The Salvation Army has started an awareness and hygiene promotion campaign and  has prepared the Howard Hospital with isolation units, medicines and protective clothing.

Peru:  Due to the political and social situation in Venezuela, approximately 3000 Venezuelans are arriving in Peru on a daily basis. The local Salvation Army is providing Venezuelans families sleeping on the street with hot meals, drinking water, toiletries, clothing and shoes.

August 2018

Indonesia: The island of Lombok in Indonesia has been hit by several strong earthquakes and aftershocks. The Salvation Army is on the ground providing medical and material support to affected families. More

Brazil:  The political and economic crisis in Venezuela has led to many people fleeing the country and crossing the borders to neighbouring countries. Salvation Army in the border town of Boa Vista in Brazil is working in cooperation with UNHCR and other actors to provide support. Theitr focus is on protection and anti-human trafficking work for vulnerable women and children. More

Nicaragua:  A socio-economic crisis in Nicaragua led to the outbreak of violence. The Salvation Army in responding by providing support to children and young people from 470 families.

July 2018

Bangladesh: The Salvation Army in Bangladesh is making plans to distribute solar chargers and lamps to 3000 Rohingya refugees in the camps near Cox's Bazaar.

Japan: The Salvation Army in Japan is planning their response to the massive floods and landslides in south Western Japan that left  at least 100 dead. More

June 2018

Guatemala: More than 100 people got killed and almost 200 were missing after the surprising eruption of volcano Fuego in Guatemala. The local Salvation Army is providing food, hygiene items and drinking water to affected people. More

India:  Heavy rains and landslides have caused death and devastation in Kerala, India. More than 7,000 affected families have received food, drinking water, bedding and medical care. More

Kenya:  After droughts last year, the Turkana region in Kenya is now experiencing flash floods causing massive destruction and damages to people's property, livestock and farms. 200 vulnerable families receive rice, cooking oil, beans, sugar, blankets and mattresses.

May 2018

Caribbean: The Salvation Army is continuing the hurricane recovery efforts in Dominica, Barbuda, Sint Maarten, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.

April 2018

Zimbabwe: Together with other churches The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe is running a peace building programme which includes a peace song written by Zimbabwean school children (watch here), peace marches, peace banners, billboards and stickers and other ways of promoting peace in the country. 

March 2018

Papau New Guinea: After an enormous Earthquake in late February, The Salvation Army in PNG are responding to the hundreds of thousands of poeple who've lost their homes.

January/February 2018

Argentina: The Salvation Army in Argentina responded to those affected by flooding in Saenz Pena.

Madagascar: The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe (responsible for Madagascar and Botswana, also) responded to those suffering in the wake of Cyclone Ava.

Philippines: The Salvation Army in Mexico is now providing recovery support to communities by distributing shelter repair material to affected communities.

November 2017

India: Cyclone Ockhi hit southern India causing widespread devastation. The Salvation Army is providing food, clothing, NFIs and medical care for more than 600 families.

October 2017

India: The Salvation Army is providing relief to families affected fires in the slums of Delhi

September 2017

Caribbean: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katia, Nate and Maria are causing destruction in the Caribbean. The Salvation Army is providing immediate relief in St. Maarten, Antigua&Barbuda, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, St. Kitts&Nevis and Mexico.

Mexico: The Salvation Army in Mexico responding to two heavy earthquakes providing relief to rescue workers and affected people.

Pakistan, Bangladesh and India:  The Salvation Army in Lagos is providing relief to flood affected families.

Kenya: Children in 14 schools in drought affected parts of Isiolo and Kitui county are supported with school feeding programmes.

July 2017

Bangladesh: Severe landslides caused the death of more 150 people in the remote hill district of Rangamati. The Salvation Army in Bangladesh is planning to support families returning home from evacuation centres with support to reconstruct their houses.

Suriname: 150 flood affected families receive food and mattresses in Pontbuiten.

June 2017

Brazil: Food, drinking water, household items and cleaning supplies will be distributed to flood affected families in Recife.

Liberia:  A massive fire swept over Clara Town in Monrovia. 62 families who have lost everything receive food, blankets and mattresses.

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil: More than 200 flood affected families at the shores of the Uruguay river in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil receive food, blankets, mattresses and cleaning products.

Jamaica: All across Jamaica heavy floods are affecting people's lives and property. 350 families receive food, mattresses and new beds from The Salvation Army.

May 2017

Nigeria:  The Salvation Army in Peru supports approximately 2500 flood affected people with cooked meals, drinking water and non-perishable food items.

Colombia: Due to heavy rainfall rivers flooded which caused landslides. The Salvation Army provided hot meals, water, mattresses, hygiene items and baby products to affected people.

March 2017

Madagascar: Cyclone Enawo made landfall in Madagascar on 07 March. The Salvation Army assisted 500 families with rice, beans, cooking oil, fish, blankets and shelter support.

Zimbabwe: Severe flooding caused damage in Tsholotsho/ 250 families received assistance with blankets, tents, water containers, aquatabs and footwear for children.

Kenya: As part of the current famine response The Salvation Army supports more than 1500 patoralist families (almost 9000 people) affected by the drought in Turkana with food items.

February 2017

Philippines: On February 10 an earthquake with the strength of 6.7 shook Surigao in the Philippines. 1500 affected families received support from The Salvation Army.

Democratic:  4500 people affected by wildfires receive food, drinking water blankets and hygiene articles

Philippines: Typhoon Nina hit the Philippines. The Salvation Army support 2047 families with mats, mosquito nets, blankets and roofing sheets

Philippines:  314 flood affected families in Almacen Bataan received food parcels from the Salvation Army Philippines.

July 2016

Mali: 350 internally displaced families received maize, rice, cooking oil and other food items. 

India: Heavy rains triggered cloudbursts in several districts in Uttarakhand resulting in the loss of lives and property. The Salvation Army is supporting 200 families with food and bedding items.

Republic of Congo: The Salvation Army supports 46 families with repairs and reconstruction after their houses got damaged by floods.

June 2016

Ghana: Torrential rainfall in Accra on 08th of June caused severe flooding in Accra. The Salvation Army is providing 500 families with food packets, water and clothing.

May 2016

Sri Lanka: Food parcels, water, clothing, cleaning and hygiene articles are provided to families affected by the recent floods and landslides.

April 2016

Zimbabwe: The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe is providing food relief to 700 families in 5 drought affected provinces.

Republic Of Congo: The Salvation Army in the Republic of Congo has opened its compounds for people fleeing the violence after elections

Ecuador: The Salvation Army is supporting earthquake affected families with food, water and blankets. More

March 2016

Zambia: Many people in Zambia suffer from the on-going drought. The Salvation Army is providing relief to 6000 people.

Greece: The Salvation Army in Athens is continuing their on-going refugee support and has now opened a clothing warehouse as well as a day centre for refugees near Victoria Square.

December 2015

India: In many European countries including Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, France, Italy and Greece The Salvation Army is supporting refugees.

Nepal: Six months after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake damaged or destroyed more than 700,000 dwellings in Nepal, with the loss of more than 8,500 lives, The Salvation Army's International Emergency Services team is closing down its operations in the country and handing over responsibility for the 'recovery' elements of Salvation Army work to a new projects and development team. More

October 2015

Brazil: 100 flood affected families in Alegrete receive assistance in form of food, bedding material, cleaning and repair material. More

Mexico: Many rural communities have been affected by hurricane Patricia. The Salvation Army is providing meals, cleaning and hygiene material and counselling through their emergency canteens.

Republic of Congo/ Central African Republic: After renewed fighting thousands of people have fled the Central African Republic. The Salvation Army in the neighbouring Republic of Congo offers assistance in the form of food, clothing and hygiene articles.

Germany: The Salvation Army in many places in Germany is welcoming refugees by providing accommodation, integration (for example language classes), clothing, furniture and other support. More

September 2015

Ghana: A fire broke out at a flooded gas station. Many people got killed, others lost their property. The Salvation Army responds by providing building material and bedding to 1000 families.

Ukraine:  The conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing and the Salvation Army continues to support IDPs coming to their welcome centres.

May 2015

Greece: The Salvation Army in Greece is responding to the refugee crisis by providing food to arriving immigrants at pireas port.

Colombia: The Salvation Army in Colombia is providing food, shelter articles, clothes, toiletries and water purification to 300 families affected by landslides

April 2015

Nepal: The Salvation Army is responding following a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit the country on 25 April. Experienced international team members are deployed to assist the small Salvation Army in the country in th eearthquake relief and recoivery acrtivities. More

Chile: After 43 years of inactivity the Calbuco volcano erupted. 6000 people were evacuated and the Salvation Army is providing daily meals and hygiene articles in coordination with other organisations.

March 2015

Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam causes massive devastation in Vanuatu. The Salvation Army sends experienced teams to provide immediate relief and assist with recovery programmes. More

Angola: Severe rains on 11 March destroyed many houses and killed almost 100 people. The Salvation Army responds with the provision of food and bedding for many of the people left homeless by this disaster.

Chile: Heavy rains have flooded the Atacama region in Chile. The Salvation Army provide clothing, blankets and food on a daily basis to the affected population.

February 2015

The Salvation Army is providing support to families displaced by Boko Haram attacks

Democtratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): The ongoing crisis in the neighbouring Central African Republic still causes many people to flee across the border. The Salvation Army in DRC in coordination with other agencies provides relief in some of the refugee camps.

January 2015

Malawi: Malawi is experiencing severe floods in various parts of the country. The local Salvation Army is providing relief assistance in form of food, blankets and mosquito nets. More

Zimbabwe: The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe reacted to floods by providing immediate relief in terms of food items as well as assistance for families to repair their houses.

Mozambique: Since early January Mozambique has been affected by severe floods which affected 100,000 people. The Salvation Army is working in coordination with other organisations to assist these people. More

Sri Lanka: 2000 families receive assistance from the Salvation Army after flooding in various parts of the country. The main need seems to be drinking water.

Malaysia: The Salvation Army is responding after floods brought devastation in the east of Malaysia, with more than 200,000 people displaced. More

December 2014

Liberia: The Ebola response in Liberia is still ongoing. In coordination with WFP and other agencies the Salvation Army is still providing food and hygiene items to affected communities. They are also making plans regaring the planned re-opening of the eleven Salvation Army schools as well as potential agricultural support to farming communities. More

DRC: The Salvation Army DRC distributed food parcels to 3100 internally displaced people from an ethnic minority group and is also involved in providing assistance to the displaced children by including them in the Salvation Army schools and offering school feeding.

Kenya: 25 schools in Turkana receive assistance with food items in order for these schools to waive part of the school fees for drought affected families

November 2014

Sierra Leone: The Salvation Army in Sierra Leone is providing food and non-food items to quarantined and Ebola affected communities. All activities are coordinated with other organisations working oin the Ebola response.

Ghana: Twelve Salvation Army health centres and institutions are getting equipped with hygiene and protection items.

October 2014

Pakistan: Severe flooding has affected many parts of Pakistan. The Salvation Army provides relief food and non-food items to many affected families.

Rwanda: The Salvation Army in Rwanda supports 30 families who have returned from Tanzania with roofing sheets, doors and window frames in order to support them constructing their homes.

Georgia: The Salvation Army supports flood affected families by providing them with relief items such as clothing.

September 2014

Liberia: The Salvation Army is responding to the Ebola epidemic, with distribution of essential sanitiser, protective clothing and food. More

Bangladesh: The Salvation Army Bangladesh responds to floods by distributing food parcels to 950 affected families. More

Mexico: The Salvation Army is supporting 6000 people affected by the latest hurricane with hot meals for two weeks using their mobile canteens.

August 2014

Nepal: In response to the recent floods and landslides the Salvation Army in Nepal distributes food and shelter relief items.

Sri Lanka: The people in the Polonnaruwa District are experiencing a severe drought. The Salvation Army Nepal responds by providing portable water to affected families.

July 2014

Ukraine: The Salvation Army hands out emergency food and hygiene products to people displaced by conflict.

The Philippines: The Salvation Army provides emergency food parcels to 1,500 families affected by the latest typhoon (Glenda).

June 2014

Chile: Almost 3,000 houses were destroyed by a massive fire. The Salvation Army assists the affected people with hot meals and cleaning equipment

Sri Lanka: The Salvation Army assists communities affected by floods and landslides with hot meals and the provision of drinking water. It has also started cleaning wells.

Paraguay: The Salvation Army assists flood-affected families with evacuation, hot meals, blankets and hygiene articles.

May 2014

India: 600 families affected by severe slum fires receive bedding and food assistance from The Salvation Army. In addition to the immediate relief, 800 school children received school materials.

Democratic Republic of Congo: The Salvation Army provides relief food to refugees returning to DRC.

April 2014

Uganda: The Salvation Army provides food parcels for families affected by a strong storm in Mawoito.

Solomon Islands: Food and shelter support is provided by The Salvation Army to families affected by flash floods.

Chile: Two strong earthquakes followed by many aftershocks struck the northen part of Chile. Survivors receive food support by The Salvation Army. More.

March 2014

Indonesia: The Salvation Army supports survivors of the Mount Ketut volcano erruption with food and bedding articles.

Zimbabwe: 500 families displaced by severe flooding in Tokwe Mukosi are provided with food and shelter by The Salvation Army.

Uganda: Since the latest fighting more than 100,000 South Sudanese refugees have been registered in Uganda. In coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister, UNHCR and other NGOs The Salvation Army provides urgently needed assistance in form of shelter and non-food items.

February 2014

Malawi: The Salvation Army provides packets with maize and beans to 350 families affected by floods in the Shire Valley.

The Philippines: 500 families affected by floods in Butan City were assisted by The Salvation Army with food parcels.

Kenya: 1,500 families (9,000 individuals) affected by severe drought in Northern Kenya (Turkana) receive urgently needed food parcels.

January 2014

Indonesia: In Medan City, Jakarta and Manado The Salvation Army provides assistance to a total of 7,000 people affected by a volcano erruption and floods. More.

St. Lucia: The Salvation Army supports flood affected families with mattresses and children with school material.

Sierra Leone: The Salvation Army assists 10 families with a total of 73 members with relief food, clothes and kitchen equipment after a massive fire in Freetown burnt all their belongings

December 2013

Rwanda: To establish better health and comfort status for more than 6,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo the Salvation Army provides washable mattresses and blankets.

Republic of Congo (Brazzaville): Thousands of people have fled the Central African Republic as a result of the fighting. The Salvation Army in the neighbouring Republic of Congo offers assistance in the form of food, clothing and hygiene articles.

November 2013

Myanmar: The Salvation Army responds quickly to assist monsoon victims in Central and Kalay Districts in Myanmar. 384 families were provided with food, water and other emergency resources.

The Philippines: International Emergency Services staff are assisting The Salvation Army in the Philippines as they respond to this super typhoon which has killed thousands of people and left tens of thousands displaced, homeless and needing urgent assistance. The work includes mobile medical teams, relief food packs, shelter assistance and other relief and recovery activities. More

October 2013

Jordan: The Salvation Army has started its relief operation in Jordan in partnership with the Lutheran World federation (LWF). More than 500,000 Syrian refugees have already been registered in Jordan. The most urgent needs are winterisation items. More

India: A severe cyclone hit India. 600,000 people were evacuated in time but the damage to properties and livelihoods is massive. The Salvation Army provided relief items to 250 families.

The Philippines: The Salvation Army provided relief to 1,500 families in Olongapo after flash floods and landslides caused major damages.

September 2013

Mexico: Mexico was  hit by two storms, 'Manuel' and 'Ingrid', which killed 70 people and displaced 300,000. The Salvation Army responded quickly by sending out its emergency mobile canteens and providing night shelter.

Nigeria: Floods destroyed the properties and livelihoods of many people in the Somorika area. The Salvation Army provided 250 families with emergency food as well as seeds so they can start planting again.

Kenya: The Kenyan Salvation Army reacted quickly to the shocking terror attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi by providing refreshments and supplies to security forces, volunteers and people donating blood. More

August 2013

Pakistan: Floods all over the country caused damage to families and communities. The Salvation Army responded as quickly as possible, providing support without discrimination.

July 2013

India: Heavy monsoon rains caused flash floods and landslides that killed more than 1,000 people. Over 100,000 people had to be evacuated. The Salvation Army is planning to provide urgent relief items.

June 2013

Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary: The Salvation Army responded to floods in Eastern Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary by providing food, drinks and emergency shelter. More on Hungary, More on Czech Republic, More on Germany

May 2013

Mali: As a result of the conflict in the north,almost 500,000 people fled to the south or to neighbouring countries. As the Salvation Army is still very small in Mali an International Emergency Services team was deployed to assist with relief and recovery efforts.

India: After insufficient rainfall in the past year western India suffered from drought. The Salvation Army provided relief in form of water and food.

USA:  The Salvation Army provided practical, emotional and spiritual support to people affected by tornadoes that caused devastation in Oklahoma. (More)

April 2013

Bangladesh: After the tragic event of the factory collapse the Salvation Army Bangladesh was on the ground immediately. In coordination with the government and other groups they provided urgent medicines and other support. (More)

Argentina: The Salvation Army in Argentina responded after storms and flooding caused devastation around Buenos Aires, with the city of La Plata being particularly badly hit. (More)

Malawi: Delegates from Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi attended a PREPARE training in Blantyre in order to increase the local Salvation Army territories’ abilities to prepare for and respond to disasters.

China: The Salvation Army in Hong Kong and China reacted quickly to the devastating earthquake in Sichuan. (More)

March 2013

Pakistan: Clashes between Christians and Muslims caused displacement among communities. The Salvation Army provided beds and other bedding materials for these families.

February 2013

Kenya: The Salvation Army prepared for the upcoming elections. This included preparedness activities, training and activities promoting peace. As a well-known church and organisation in Kenya the Army wanted to contribute to peaceful elections in March.

India Eastern: Ten thousand familes living in camps due to ethnic clashes were supported by The Salvation Army with blankets, clothing, tarpaulins annd hygiene articles.

Philippines: The Salvation Army was still busy with relief and recovery efforts after Typhoon Bopha caused destruction. More than 1,800 families received food and non-food items. More

Mozambique: More than 200,000 people were affected by heavy floods. The Salvaton Army met with the local Government and other stakeholders and visited the affected areas. It put in place plans to provide food, non-food items and construction materials for people displaced by this disaster. In addition to these activities the Army gave consideration to providing school items in order to get children back to school.

January 2013

India Northern: This winter is particularly harsh in northern India, where 150 people have died due to severe weather conditions. Many of the dead could not afford a place to live. To respond to this situation The Salvation Army provided blankets and relief food to 2,500 of the most most vulnerable families in Moradabad, Bareilly and Delhi.

Indonesia: Severe floods – the worst since 2007 – blocked roads and forced business centres and schools in the capital, Jakarta, to close. The transportation system was paralysed. The Salvation Army provided emergency food, drinks, boats and medication to flood victims. Medical assistance was given out of temporary clinics set up and operated by Salvation Army teams. These were made up of staff, members (including doctors and nurses) and volunteers.

Mali: Due to fighting in the north of the country, thousands of people were displaced. Some moved to neighbouring countries but many also fled to the south of Mali. The Salvation Army is only small in this country but it has provided hospitals with food items for war-wounded members of the population.

December 2012

Argentina: A group of 50 enthusiastic Salvation Army pastors from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay attended a PREPARE training course in Buenos Aires. The Salvation Army's International Emergency Services department facilitates these courses all over the world in order to train our people in disaster preparedness and response. We covered topics such as human rights, standards in disaster response, needs assessment, coordination etc.

Philippines: Typhoon Bopha ploughed across Mindanao island, flattening whole towns in its path as hurricane-force winds brought torrential rain that triggered a deadly combination of floods and landslides. The storm destroyed homes, farms and livelihoods. Initial reports indicate that nearly 200,000 people are homeless and 475 confirmed dead after the Philippines' worst typhoon this year. This was the same area that suffered devastating floods in 2011 with the loss of 1,500 lives. The government appealed for international help and The Salvation Army's Mindanao Island Division responded to the island-wide catastrophe. A team provided initial food relief as well as bedding and other material to the people in the affected areas.

November 2012

Cuba: Hurricane Sandy crossed eastern Cuba. After arriving in the Greater Antilles, the storm become a Category 2 hurricane, with sustained winds of up to 175 km per hour. The hurricane left the island by the province of Holguin, about five hours after touching down in Santiago de Cuba and brought heavy rain, strong winds and flooding in almost the entire eastern region of the island.

Heavy material damage was reported, especially in Santiago de Cuba. Thousands of people were evacuated throughout eastern Cuba. The authorities ordered the transfer of animals to safe areas and food storage and preparation of medical brigades. The Civil Defence department had prepared measures for the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. Coastal areas experienced waves several metres high.

The Salvation Army provided relief food as well as temporary shelter materials to more than 1,000 people.

Caribbean: Hurricane Sandy moved across the Caribbean affecting the islands of Jamaica, Haiti and the Bahamas. Seventy people were killed and significant damage was caused to property and livelihoods. The Salvation Army worked with other organisations and provided food, hygiene supplies and shelter support to people in need.

USA: The Salvation Army had desks in New York's Emergency Operation Centre under the oversight of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and alongside groups such as the NYPD (New York Police Department), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the National Guard, the American Red Cross etc. On 12 sites allocated by the Mayor’s office, The Salvation Army – alongside other stakeholders – provided food, water, cleaning and hygiene kits to the people affected. In addition, The Salvation Army took food to people with special needs in shelters or their homes. Many of them were without electricity for up to 10 days which meant no lifts either – difficult for many who live in tower blocks. After the immediate relief efforts, plans were made for longer-term support.

Guatemala: The Salvation Army served the community of San Cristobal, Cucho, after the devastating 7.4 earthquake that damaged badly most of San Marcos (near the Mexican border), Solola, Quetzaltenango and Guatemala City. The Salvation Army has served to date more than 130 families and 657 individuals with water, dry food, clothing and blankets. Most of the inhabitants of San Cristobal are descendants of native Mayan people who speak the Mam language and live as farmers in small hamlets in the mountains. Besides water, the need for blankets and sweaters was significant as San Cristobal Cucho annual median temperature is between 5° to 20°C (32°F to 68°F) and temperatures kept dropping as winds from the north swept through the mountains.

September 2012

Indonesia: Salvation Army teams in Indonesia continued to offer support to communities affected by an earthquake in the Central Sulawesi Province. More.

June 2012

Nigeria: The Salvation Army in Nigeria responded after a plane crashed into a residential area near Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos on Sunday 3 June. More

May 2012

Georgia: The Salvation Army in Georgia is providing assistance to families affected by floods. More

Democratic Republic of Congo: The Salvation Army in central Africa is responding to a growing humanitarian crisis. Many have fled their homes because of fighting between DRC troops and rebels. More

Pakistan: UPDATE Hyderabad was badly hit by the 2010 flood but the flood of 2011 took a different route and affected several communities, including some where there is a Salvation Army presence. The Pakistan Territory was able to help some with foodstuffs financed through International Emergency Services in communities identified with the most urgent need. However, the territory is now seeing the need for shelter solutions and feels that it would be good to assist families to find a permanent solution.

In a community-driven process 148 families were identified as the most vulnerable. Training in brick-laying will take place for those available so they can assist with the rebuild as well as learn transferable skills. The projects officers will also facilitate the contribution of families to this project. With contribution from each affected family, the plan is to build one room. The family can later add additional rooms to this. The territory has a Sustainable Livelihood Project in this area and has already established a strong development approach and is therefore confident that this approach will work well.

Italy: Two earthquakes took place in Mirandola and Finale Emilia, affecting a population of 24,000 individuals. These people are now living in various camps and, due to ongoing tremors, it iwas estimated that they would have to stay there until October. After meetings with the local authorities and the civil defence, The Salvation Army was asked to support these affected people with food items.

Angola: The area bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo saw an influx of returning refugees. These people left Angola 27 years ago due to the civil war but have been asked to resettle back in their home country. An estimated 3,000 people per week are arriving in transit camps. Food assistance and sleeping mats are provided by The Salvation Army in coordination with other stakeholders.

April 2012

Fiji: Salvation Army staff and volunteers worked in flood-ravaged Fiji as the island nation braced itself for a tropical storm predicted to intensify to cyclone force. More

March 2012

Republic of Congo: A Salvation Army team investigated how best to help people forced from their homes by a series of massive explosions in Mpila, near Brazzaville. More

USA: The Salvation Army provided aid to people affected by tornadoes in the USA. More

Australia: Salvation Army Emergency Services teams have been working in areas of New South Wales which have experienced the worst flooding in 150 years. More

Sierra Leone: On 29 March a fire broke out in Freetown City very near to The Salvation Army's headquarters. Five big houses burnt down completely which resulted in nine families losing their homes and all their possessions. After speaking with the disaster victims the biggest needs were identified as mattresses, clothes, cooking utensils and food.

February 2012

Ukraine: As severe cold weather spread across much of Eastern Europe, one of the worst-affected countries was Ukraine, where temperatures dropped as low as -36°C. More

January 2012

Mozambique/Malawi: In January, a storm in Mozambique and heavy rains in the southern region of Malawi caused water to rise in streams and branches of the Shire River. Many houses were destroyed and the affected households sought refuge with relatives or in camps set up by the local government. The Salvation Army distributed food, blankets and shelter material to meet the needs of the people in the weeks immediately after the incident. Some communities were told they couldn’t go back; the government wanted to relocate them away from the dangerous flood zone. However, the problem was that there was no infrastructure in the new location; no water, schools, hospitals or anything. So people were reluctant to go … The needs were still great both for the people who stay and slowly rebuild their lives as well as for the people who will eventually move.

December 2011

Indonesia: Flash flooding and landslides affected parts of Central Sulawesi. Emergency services teams from four Salvation Army divisions responded immediately. More

Philippines: The Salvation Army in The Philippines responded to the flash flooding that brought devastation to the island of Mindanao. More than 1,000 people are known to have died. More

New Zealand: Salvation Army teams responded quickly on 23 December to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the latest severe earthquakes to strike Christchurch. More

November 2011

Central America: The Salvation Army in Central America provided assistance to people affected by severe flooding. Heavy rains that started in October caused more than 90 deaths in the region. More

October 2011

Haiti: Nearly 700 students started the school year in newly repaired Salvation Army school buildings. The Haiti Recovery and Development School Renovation and Construction team worked hard during the summer. More

Kenya: Turkana, in north-west Kenya, remains the major focal point for drought response activities. Short-term relief programmes were delivered for struggling communities. More

September 2011

India South Western: Heavy rains affected 113 villages in Kerala. Twelve people lost their lives, a bridge collapsed and 700 houses were severely damaged. People were forced to move to safer places and some had to live in relief camps. The Salvation Army coordinated with the local Government and other NGOs, providing relief food and non-food items (such as mats and cooking utensils) to 750 families.

July 2011

Argentina: Due to the Volcanic Ash falling from the Puyehue Volcano in Chile, the city of Bariloche, Argentina, where The Salvation Army has a corps, declared a state of emergency. Other communities closer to the volcano were evacuated. Both in Bariloche and in the other nearby communities, the emergent needs were for non-perishable food and practical support to reinforce the structure of precarious houses, mainly the replacement of sheets in the case of corrugated iron roofs. The community asked the Salvation Army for help, especially small towns near Bariloche, where there is no media coverage. A district team made of three volunteers and the District Officer went for several days to help the people with their houses. The community members worked alongside the local and district teams in the building repair tasks.

March 2011

Japan: The Salvation Army in Japan responded to the earthquake and tsunami that brought devastation to the north of the country. More