29 April 2020

PRAYER is the focus of a new video message from General Brian Peddle. The international leader has shared how he is still in regular conversation with fellow Salvation Army leaders around the world. ‘Lingering with me were words that articulated deep human concern’, he says. ‘We talked about inadequate resources, the number of deaths and people unable to mourn. Some spoke of hunger and food insecurity. I sometimes forget that despite the threat to health with COVID-19 there are other things destroyed. There are consequences that we do not choose.’

The General says that his response to these difficulties is to pray. ‘By faith and through prayer, embrace our families, our communities, our nations, and our leaders. Pray for those who are called to serve despite personal difficulty, those reaching out to neighbours while in need themselves, and those who are concerned about their faith and their trust in God during this difficult time.’

The General encourages the sharing of this video message, online and in corps (churches) and other Salvation Army centres. It can be viewed on his Facebook Page and downloaded from Vimeo at the link below.


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