25 July 2014

2014 ICLTHE Chief of the Staff, Commissioner William A. Roberts, affirmed the ministry of delegates to the 2014 International Conference of Leaders (ICL) in Singapore when he told them: ‘God has called us to be leaders of his people. By accepting this call, we must live lives of the highest standard.’ With these words the final full day of the 2014 ICL began.

Friday morning’s plenary presentation focused on the One Army Accountability and Assessment Review. Following this session delegates moved into their break-out groups to discuss three specific areas: Accountability for People; Accountability for Programmes; and Accountability for Money and Assets.

Major Dean Pallant (Under Secretary for Programme Resources, International Headquarters) also presented on behalf of the One Army Accountability and Review Group. Following his presentation the delegates again moved into their groups to consider and develop ‘recommendations for the way forward’.

Commissioner William Cochrane (International Secretary to the Chief of the Staff) gave an informative update on Boundless – The Whole World Redeeming – the 150th anniversary International Congress which will take place in London from 1-5 July 2015. He also provided updates on the Boundless – The Whole Word Praying and Boundless – The World Word Reading programmes.

In his closing remarks, the Chief of the Staff reminded delegates that ‘the world is changing [and] greater standards of accountability are being demanded of The Salvation Army around the world ... We must find new ways to strengthen accountability across the whole Salvation Army.’

The 2014 International Leader Conference concludes on Saturday.

Report by Major John P. Murray, MA, APR, CFRE
Communications Secretary and Literary Secretary
International Headquarters


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