04 December 2019

THE Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham) conducted the switching-on of the International Headquarters (IHQ) Christmas display for 2019 at an informal event attended by IHQ employees and officers. He prayed that the ‘attractive and engaging’ large-scale, backlit artworks would be used by God ‘in a powerful way’.

Kevin Sims (IHQ Communications) explained the thinking behind this year’s images, which pick up on the ‘aspects of light’ running through the Christmas story. He expressed the hope that the thousands of people who pass IHQ every day will be reminded that the Light of the World came to earth at Christmas.

The Chief of the Staff paid tribute to the artistic talents of designer Berni Georges (IHQ Literary and Editorial), who created the images and worked with Kevin Sims to bring out the clear and cohesive message.

Picking up on the fact that four million people walk past IHQ every year, the Chief confessed that he finds the numbers ‘staggering’. He continued: ‘I pray and believe that these designs will be used for encouragement and inspiration … and for some as a means by which God will reveal himself.’

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters

  • The original images and photos from the launch can be downloaded from sar.my/christmaslight2019pix. Please note the images are free to share on social media and to be used in Salvation Army centres. If there is interest in commercial use of the artworks, please contact IHQ-Communications@salvationarmy.org
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