24 February 2024

I invite you to join me in a prayer for the people of Ukraine. Let us pray.

God our Father, we are grateful that when we come to you, we come to one who welcomes us and is eager to hear our prayers.

Our focus today is on the people of Ukraine. We have some insight into the devastation and desolation caused by war. Many of us feel helpless as we watch the toll of this war and what it is doing to so many people.

The needless waste is impossible to reconcile the loss of life, hard to bear, and the end hard to see.

Today, we pray for the people. We pray for the people of Ukraine, especially for those who are under threat for their very lives, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who are engaged in war. We pray today for them that you would bring comfort, strength and energy, and we pray for peace.

These days, we ask you, Father, to protect the innocent. We also ask that you would grant humility, wisdom, and compassion to those with the power to decide for peace.

May we walk in your way so that peace and justice become a reality both in the Ukraine and around the world. Help us today to decide to be peacemakers right where we are.

We ask this prayer in the beautiful and powerful name of Jesus.


Lyndon Buckingham

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