04 April 2023

Leaders from around the Salvation Army world will gather at Sunbury Court, London, in May as the High Council begins the process of electing the 22nd General of the international church and charity.

Commencing on Saturday 20 May at Central Hall Westminster in London, a public welcome to the High Council will also incorporate a farewell to General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) as they enter retirement.

Following the public welcome, members of the High Council – comprising all active female and male officers holding the rank of commissioner who are in territorial leadership or national or International Headquarters’ (IHQ) appointments, along with colonels who are territorial leaders – will convene in worship, reflection and discussion as they work towards prayerfully electing the next General.

Prayer, praise and thanksgiving

The public welcome meeting will commence, appropriately, with the words of former General John Gowans’s song ‘They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west’, and will also serve as a recognition of the significant contributions made by General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle as international leaders since August 2018.

Invited guests, IHQ staff and Salvationists from around the world will participate, either in person or virtually, to lead the congregation in a time of united prayer, praise and thanksgiving that will include a range of expressions of the creative arts.

Konverse Dance CrewsKonverse Dance Crews

Participating groups

African Praise Fellowship Zimbabwe, created by a Salvationist who migrated from the African country to the United Kingdom, has been active in ministry since 2002 and was officially recognised as a fellowship by the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory in 2022.

Konverse Dance Crews has its roots in Barking Corps (church). Its outreach ministry offers classes for parents and employment for young people to express themselves through dance, developing their confidence and well-being.

Music from the International Staff Band (Staff Bandmaster Dr Stephen Cobb) and International Staff Songsters (Staff Songster Leader Dorothy Nancekievill) flows from their mission to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and their love of God, seeking to inspire others to worship him also.

Complementing these groups will be the IHQ praise worship team along with representatives from Southwark Corps, where the General and Commissioner Rosalie have served as soldiers during their time as international leaders.

International Staff SongstersInternational Staff Songsters

Tickets now available

You can be part of this global welcome and celebration of service. Free tickets for the Central Hall Westminster event on 20 May are available from sar.my/welcome or you can join via the livestream (details to be released).

During the days of the High Council, regular news bulletins will be posted on this website and our social channels.

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