The Quiet Heart of Christmas

The Quiet Heart of Christmas, a free exhibition, was hosted by Gallery 101 throughout December 2023.

With the business of life and the multitude of demands on our time, it’s sometimes easy for us to miss the quiet heart of Christmas.

Even when we consider elements of the Christmas story, we may overlook the central message. Each of the gospel writers presents Christmas in a different way, and some might say that only Matthew and Luke include the Christmas story.

Each Gospel conveys a distinctive view of Christmas. We can easily find ourselves caught up with all the other trappings of Christmas, including things we have become accustomed to that are not even mentioned in any of the Gospels. Instead, we can sometimes miss the quiet heart of Christmas as related in Scripture.

Christmas in the Gospels

Our Christmas message suggests to you that each of the Gospels brings its own special emphasis:

King, Immanuel and Saviour

This year, perhaps we can focus again on what the Gospels actually tell us about the coming of Jesus. One who comes for those who are sinners and outcasts. One who comes to be King. One who comes to be Immanuel – ‘God with us’. One who comes to be our Saviour. One who has existed for all eternity.

With all the other things that happen at this time of the year, may we focus our hearts and minds on the quiet heart of Christmas: the reality of who Jesus is. The Son of God. The eternal Word made flesh. Our King. Immanuel. Our Saviour. Christ the Lord.

With the songwriter, we say ‘O come to us, abide with us, our Lord Immanuel.’ May God bless you at this Christmastime and throughout the coming year.