From the Directors

Welcome and thank you for logging onto this webpage, the International Social Justice Commission of The Salvation Army.

We have the joy and privilege of serving as Directors, working with a vibrant, capable international team, and interacting daily with social justice advocates and practitioners around the world. We are constantly inspired and amazed at the compassion, enterprise, and resilience of these justice champions whose efforts are indispensable to our mission.

The depth and scope of tragic global-scale injustices seems never-ending, from trafficked children, women and laborers to vulnerable, bewildered refugees and asylum seekers. Our hope as an ISJC team is to be a conscience, catalyst and conduit for all Salvation Army justice matters, and we are resolved to stay the course.

The ISJC New York City venue is deliberately situated close to the venerable United Nations building, and we both participate in high-level UN gatherings and host innumerable UN groups in our gracious and spacious chapel.

What is social justice? What great injustices disturb you today? What might God be calling you to counter?

We believe these webpages will help you explore such questions and more.