Hello! Welcome to the International Women's Day 2022 webpage.

This year’s theme is “Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. The theme recognizes the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.

Here are some guidelines on how YOU can join our YouTube Event:

  1. Send us videos about how you are taking charge on Climate change.
  2. Please make sure your videos have your Corps + Territory on the title following IWD 2022. For example: IWD 2022 - Sta. Barbara Corps, Philippines Territory
  3. Please set your videos' privacy settings to public, or unlisted.
  4. We are also asking for your names below so we could contact you if there's any concern with your video.
  5. Send us links to your video through the form below: 

    Video Submission Form

Here's more information about our panelists for the Sustainability Webinar:

Dr Helfrid Schulte-Herbruggen

Analyst, Ecoloop, Sweden

Dr Helfrid Schulte-Herbruggen is an Environmental Chemist and Engineer with a passion for the environment, sustainability, and social justice. With a particular focus on water quality, she has worked in both research and capacity development projects in Europe, Africa, and South America. A Salvationist, she currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is an Analyst at Ecoloop.

Alma Acub

Integrated Community Development Program Coordinator, The Salvation Army, Philippines

Alma Acub is the National Integrated Community Development Program Coordinator for The Salvation Army in the Philippines. She has a background in Nursing, Public Health and Monitoring/Evaluating, and brings her expertise of project managing community interventions to the panel.

Margaret Musumbi

Field Cluster Coordinator, The Salvation Army, Kenya

Margaret Musumbi works as a ‘Field Cluster Coordinator’ for a Salvation Army Water, Sanitation and Food security project in Kenya. Her role sees her working with rural communities which have been affected by climate change through conducting tree-planting and water conservation projects. As Corps Young People Sergent Major, she has mobilised young people in the Corps to engage in environmental cleaning and conservation activities.

You may download the event poster here:

Interactive Poster   Printable Poster

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