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The Salvation Army international women's ministries, inaugurated in 1907, provide a wide variety of activities based on the fourfold aims: worship, education, fellowship and service... Find out more

Real Talk

Women in Leadership: Walk your own path
22 February 2021
It can be difficult to find your path in life. Captain Evelyn Chiloola shares her experience of walking her own path as a young leader.
Women in Leadership: the Wise and the Wonderful
05 February 2021
Major Val Mylechreest shares how encounters with the ‘wise and wonderful’ people in our lives can alleviate the pressures of life and leadership.
Women in Leadership: Would you want to be your own boss?
22 January 2021
It’s easy to have high expectations for a leader, but Commissioner Eva Kleman asks an important question: Would you like to have YOU as a boss?
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Women's Ministries: Reimagined

Want to know more about our reimagining of ministry to and for women? Watch our launch event, as broadcast live from International Headquarters in February 2020.