The foundation of the territory dates from the earliest formation of The Salvation Army prior to the adoption of that titel in 1878 when the Founder, William Booth, took charge of a mission to the East End of London in July 1865. Certain UK corps were first established as Christian Mission stations.

Throughout the Army's history its work in this geographical area has been organised in a variety of forms and territories but before 1990 these were all part of International Headquarters administration. However, on 1 November 1990 a restructuring occured so that now the United Kingdom Territory is separate from International headquarters and under a single command similar to that of the Army's other territories. On 1 September 2021, the name was officially changed to the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory. 

Territorial Leadership

Commissioner Paul Main- Territorial Commander

Commissioner Jenine Main - Territorial Leader for Leader Development

Colonel Peter Forrest - Chief Secretary

Colonel Julie Forrest - Territorial Secretary for Leader Development

Territorial Headquarters

1 Champion Park

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