03 March 2023

Canada and Bermuda Territory: Rebekah McNeilly, host of The story we tell ourselves podcast (Salvationist Women), interviews Catherine MacKeil to mark the World Day of Prayer (3 March).

Catherine MacKeil has served as the Executive Director for the Women’s Interchurch Council of Canada (WICC) for the past seven years. WICC is the oldest national ecumenical organisation in Canada, and its mission is to connect Christian women with a passion for justice and a vision to restore hope to women and children touched by injustice. Her passions include prayer, women’s ministry and developing leadership skills in herself and others. In their discussion, Catherine shares how the World Day of Prayer should 'give us all hope in our world full of injustice,' referencing its humble beginnings of 'five women praying together towards a common vision.'

'No matter what we're going through, Jesus is always present. It's important for us to remember that,' says Catherine. 'God is the master of creation and creativity and is faithful to lead us through. Weaknesses are being exposed and hopefully we're all becoming more motivated to learn about the injustices around us... God's heart is justice and we can't change anything that we don't see, so recognition and learning is a really important first step.'

Join Rebekah and Catherine by listening to their discussion on the roots of the WICC, Catherine's personal journey of prayer amidst trial and what brings her hope! Their episode is available below or direct through Spotify.

About the Salvationist Women podcast
'The story we tell ourselves' is a podcast about the narratives we create, live, grieve, and hope by. Every two weeks they have a new guest bring their expertise on topics such as emotionally healthy spirituality, burnout in ministry, deconstructing and reconstructing faith and church leadership in a politically charged environment. They address the tensions we face in ministry and in life as women, leaders, Salvationists and most importantly as followers of Jesus. Song cover written and performed by Hannah McNeilly. 'The story we tell ourselves' is a product of the Canada and Bermuda Territory.


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