14 February 2023

Major Dr Ruby Samuel is admitted to the Order of the Founder

The visit of General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) brought great joy and spiritual revival to the India South Eastern Territory this January.

The international leaders of The Salvation Army joined Salvationists and well-wishers for the territory’s golden jubilee celebrations at the Booth-Tucker Memorial Church Campus. To mark the jubilee, 52 Salvationists lifted the Army flag and 52 girls from Nagercoil Division gave a tambourine display.

The General dedicated a new history book, Sweat Shed, and admitted Major Dr Ruby Samuel to the Order of the Founder in recognition of many years of faithful medical and social work.

Contagious joy

On 17 January the General attended the territory’s first men’s congress, while Commissioner Rosalie Peddle joined a festival for women’s self-help groups (Mela). Commissioner Peddle presented sewing machines, plants and financial support to aid the community development work of the groups.

More than 600 officers from across the territory gathered in Nagercoil for council meetings, during which Commissioner Peddle urged the officers to ‘keep your faith fresh, keep your love sincere and keep your joy contagious.’ The General shared his personal testimony and brought words of encouragement based on Isaiah 41:10, ‘I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you.’

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle meets members of women’s self-help groups (Mela)
Commissioner Rosalie Peddle meets members of women’s the self-help groups (Mela)

Heritage and healing

The staff and nursing students at Catherine Booth Hospital welcomed the international leaders with a red carpet and traditional music from Tamil Nadu. The General spoke with appreciation of everyone committed to the ministry of healing during the COVID-19 pandemic and commended the hospital as part of the territory’s heritage.

The territorial youth congress on 21 January featured colourful cultural performances, worship and seminars. Sixteen-hundred young people listened to the international leaders speak about self-confidence, commitment and courage, and many dedicated their lives to service at the mercy seat.

New prayer halls

While in the territory the General and Commissioner Peddle dedicated two new prayer halls, one at Gnanaiahpuram Corps (church) in Azhagiapandiapuram Division and another at Kannanoor Corps in Thuckalay Division.

The visit of the international leaders made a spiritual wave throughout the territory, with many people blessed and inspired.

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Photos from the visit are available to download from the IHQ Flickr stream.

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