Sunday 8 April 2012

Read Psalm 24

Stone rolled away‘Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory!’

Today’s psalm speaks of the resurrection. The conquering Christ is victorious over Satan and death. He is the Lord of hosts, mighty in battle. He is the King of glory. After the focus on Jesus’ broken body, Easter is a relief. In dramatic contrast with Good Friday’s sombreness, we enjoy Easter’s flowers and stirring music.

But the Risen Lord doesn’t stay in the garden. Even on the first Easter Day he appears to his followers in everyday situations of walks and meals and allows them to look at him, to touch him, to raise questions. Rather than diverting their eyes from his wounds, he invites their touch. Rather than avoiding their puzzlement, he carefully explains what the Scripture says about him.

Jesus still comes to meet us in our everyday round and opens our understanding. He makes us more than conquerors. Praise him!

Lo! Jesus meets thee,
Risen from the tomb;
Lovingly he greets thee,
Scatters fear and gloom;
Let his Church with gladness
Hymns of triumph sing,
For her Lord now liveth;
Death has lost its sting.

No more we doubt thee,
Glorious Prince of Life!
Life is naught without thee;
Aid us in thy strife;
Make us more than conquerors
Through thy deathless love;
Bring us safe through Jordan
To thy home above.
Edmond Louis Budry (trs Richard Birch Hoyle)
(SASB 152)

By Evelyn Merriam
From Words of Life - The Salvation Army's daily Bible reading notes series
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