Learning PathwaysUpdated: 13 April 2021

Learning Pathways is a three-tier distance learning opportunity for Salvationists passionate about engaging in their community.

With the Learning Pathways course eventually covering certificate-, diploma- and degree-level content, the online learning facility will offer an opportunity for anyone connected with The Salvation Army to deepen their understanding in the areas of community engagement, community development and community project management. The certificate-level material gives the foundation for engaging with a community using an Integrated Mission and Faith-Based Facilitation approach, bringing together theology and best practice, giving practical skills for community engagement and for supporting course participants’ personal development. 

The launch, originally planned for last year but disrupted by coronavirus containment measures, will now take place on Tuesday 27 April 2021. This will take the form of a series of connected videos, presented in English but with subtitles available in a number of additional languages.

The content will be accessible on this page from 10 am UK time on this date.