Learning Pathways

Additional resources

In addition to the resources available on the course outline and FAQs pages, the below resources are made available to you.

Cover of Walking with CommunitiesWalking With Communities

A 30-year health and healing pilgrimage through community development and integrated mission by Alison Rader Campbell and Ian Campbell!

Through participating with communities around the world, they have witnessed God’s healing grace and the amazing capacity of local communities to deal with crisis and conflict when appropriately accompanied. In 2018 Ian embarked on a 28-day, 630-mile journey on the South-West Coast Path in England. Sustained listening through daily encounters on the path led Ian to recall stories from the past 30 years and to reflect on and document their meaning. Each chapter represents one day’s journey on the path and focuses on a global community story, leading to a synthesis of learning around one theme.

The interrelatedness of the themes and local stories encourages deeper consideration and reflection, and each chapter concludes with questions that take the reader forward to living out what has been learnt.

A special trade price is available for Learning Pathways students. Please contact Florence at Learning Pathways at ihq-learningpathway@salvationarmy.org

Cover of Pathway of HopePathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory’s initiative, provides intensive, personalised case management to individuals and families who have a desire to take action to break the cycle of poverty. The framework intentionally surrounds the person – and, where appropriate, their family – with spiritual care and access to opportunities for spiritual growth and development. Through this, Pathway of Hope builds and transforms the whole community, thereby bringing increased stability, meaning and hope.

Pathway of Hope isn’t just about helping individuals and families finding a way out of poverty. It is designed to strengthen whole communities, and to provide support regardless of challenging circumstances. It begins with a genuine welcome and the offer of a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

We hope the inspiring life transformation narratives by the Pathway of Hope team in this 2021 Pathway of Hope Impact Report could give you insights on Community Engagement to build and transform the community!