Lieut-Colonel Janet Munn
and Major Stephen Court

Army on its Knees is a Holy Spirit-inspired book from beginning to end! It is very useful for personal development and equally as useful in a small group setting. Written with passion, you cannot help but catch the urging and focus of the writers to engage with God. Throughout the book there is a persistent plea to seek God’s face, and although Army on its Knees is particularly focused towards The Salvation Army it is equally relevant to any church seeking spiritual renewal.

A highlight is the final chapter, ‘The place where God dwells: a house of prayer for all nations’. This chapter explores God’s dwelling place and brought fresh understanding of God’s Word to me. Throughout the book there are many ‘how to’ pray explanations which are very clearly set out, all firmly based on Scripture, and there is a beautiful blend of ancient and modern writings, bringing variety and depth.

Even the appendix makes good reading as the General’s invitation to the Worldwide Prayer Meeting joins with the plea of the book itself. This book is inspirational and compels the reader to invest time and energy to join an Army on its Knees.

Major Julie Forrest
Personal Assistant to World President of Women’s Ministries


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