Journey of Renewal
An Accountability Movement for The Salvation Army

_Journey of Renewal_

**The Accountability Movement** **of** **The Salvation Army**

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Invitation from the General

> _I invite everyone linked to The Salvation Army to join an Accountability Movement_

___I invite you to join me on a journey of renewal. In a world of shifting values, we need to be people of **spiritual vitality and integrity**, **faithful and dynamic in mission**._ ___We should want to be accountable for our actions and attitudes as we participate in Gods mission to transform the world. We must be keen to learn from our successes, but also our failures._ ___To address these vital concerns I invite everyone linked to The Salvation Army to join an Accountability Movement._ _\-_ **General Andr**** Cox,** 2016


Getting Started

**1.** **What is the Accountability Movement?**

The Accountability Movement is an opportunity for people in and linked to The Salvation Army to be **_renewed by Gods Spirit_** and refocused on Gods mission to redeem his world.

**2.** **Will it affect me?**

Yes! In fact it must. Everyone linked to The Salvation Army employees, junior and senior soldiers, active and retired officers, adherents, advisory board members, volunteers, friends needs to **_catch the vision_** and get involved.

**3.** **How can I be more accountable?**

We all need to be **_accountable for every aspect of our journey through life_**. We are pilgrims and accountability helps us keep going in the right direction. To help us on our journey, a six\-dimension tool called the Mission Accountability Framework \(MAF\) has been developed. The MAF helps people plan and track progress towards a common purpose: _[**life in all its fullness**]( as offered by Jesus.


The Mission Accountability Framework

**The Mission Accountability Framework** The Salvation Army works in more than 125 countries so there is lots of diversity. However, we are also part of _One Army_ and have much in common. We can all answer the same questions:


**1. People** Who is making the journey and how are the relationships?


**2. Passion and Spirit** Where do we get energy for the journey?


**3. Purpose** What is the reason for the journey?


**4. Plan** What is the plan and how will we measure our journey?


**5. Progress** How do we track progress and learn from experience?


**6. Procedures and Systems** Are our procedures and systems fit for purpose?


Updating Systems

**Strengthening and** **Updating** **Salvation Army** **Systems** Some of our organisational systems need to be improved. We need a foundation in living Christs values and we need to develop leaders, build capacity and communicate effectively. The Accountability Movement is focusing in four key areas.

**Governance** The purpose of this review is to ensure, at all levels, that The Salvation Army has a governance structure fit for its God\-given purpose in the 21st century.

**Impact Measurement** The purpose of this review is to measure the transformative change in people and communities that is brought about through interaction with The Salvation Army.

**Finance** The purpose of this aspect is to monitor, review, upgrade and enhance worldwide Salvation Army financial systems.

**Child Protection** To ensure The Salvation Armys commitment to the well\-being, safeguarding and protection of children by implementing best practice in every expression of Salvation Army contact and influence with children.


Time to Get Moving

Updating systems is important and the Accountability Movement will result in a more effective, efficient Salvation Army. However, systems and procedures do not change the hearts of people. This journey of renewal must result in people living more Christ\-like lives or it will not achieve its purpose. The following behaviours and attitudes are needed in every aspect of Salvation Army life: **Love one another.** At the Last Supper, Jesus commanded his disciples: A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another \([John 13:34\-35](\-35&version=NRSV)\). The Accountability Movement will help us to know what love one another looks like in practice in the 21st\-century Salvation Army.


**Being open and transparent.** The Accountability Movement encourages people to be more open and transparent. Leaders should not ask why do they need to know? but rather enable an open, transparent culture of why shouldnt people be told? Salvation Army leaders at all levels should encourage people to think, discuss and debate how the Army can be more effective, efficient and faithful in doing Gods will in our communities. **Mutual respect and truth.** There must be a culture of mutual respect and truth\-telling between Army leaders and those under their command. Developing this culture means that if leaders or followers behave badly there must be consequences. The General has made it clear that everyone needs to be held to account but fairly. The practice of complaining secretly or writing anonymous letters has to end. A new accountability culture will require effective processes to address the concerns of whistle\-blowers but allegations must be backed up with facts, not rumours.


**Do something!** We need to move away from a culture of do nothing so we cannot be blamed if it goes wrong. As Jesus taught in the parable of the talents \([Matthew 25:14\-30](\-30&version=NRSV)\), we are accountable for what we fail to do as much as for what we do. **Be positive!** We must avoid a culture of cynicism and negativity. We are a people of hope not of hopelessness. If God is for us, who can be against us? \([Romans 8:31](\). The Lord is still using the Army in many places.Let us humbly learn from others who are producing fruit. One of the key aims of the Accountability Movement is to encourage a culture of learning across the international Salvation Army.


**The book.** This website gives a taster of the Accountability Movement. Now your appetite has been whetted, its time to discover more by reading the short book, _[Journey of Renewal]( This book explains the Accountability Movement in more detail and provide practical tips and tools to integrate accountability into your work, mission and ministry. **A final word from the General.** Please pray for Gods blessing, wisdom and grace to fill this process. It is never easy to change. If the Accountability Movement is only a human creation it will fail. If God is at its heart it will bear much fruit for his Kingdom. Your prayers and active support are essential.


What Next?

So what happens next?

Read and download the 98\-page _Journey of Renewal_ book and other helpful leaflets and articles here or from [](









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